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Plaza South lifestyle

Awaiting you at Plaza South...

Is a concept in tranquility and privacy. The doors of your private tower elevator open at your own entrance foyer. Each foyer serves only two apartments. Step from the elevator to your own front door...no corridors to walk...no strangers passing your front door. Comfortable privacy and convenience.

The unique architectural design provides "through" apartments which means cross ventilation is available to every residence which also provides a maximum number of apartments to have panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and/or Intracoastal Waterway in every room. Of particular significance, is that every kitchen has a window--and what is more pleasant than for you to sit in the breakfast area and view the tranquility of the ocean.

Nowhere on Earth...is there a place to live and play like Plaza South

No place secures an individual's emotions as the land that runs along the water's edge. From the dawn of recorded time, men have been mystically drawn to those places where the surf crashes on the beaches and where sun meets sky in the limitless horizons. On these peaceful sands of your own private beach is where you will spend countless contented hours.

Today, many people still seek to live by the ocean in peaceful places. Here on the Galt Ocean Mile, in Fort Lauderdale, fronting directly upon the tropical turquoise Atlantic Ocean waters, stands Plaza South. Dedicated to the needs and desires of the elite group who choose to become its residents, Plaza South offers the grace and dignity of a way of life to which few may aspire.

Conveniently located minutes from upscale shopping destinations, numerous upscale dining options, world class beaches, boating and fishing, and every type of recreational and professional sport for all sports enthusiast; Plaza South is the premier residential destination in one of the most sought after locations on Earth.